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Are you excited about growing opportunities in Online marketing? Do you wish to set up a career in Google ads marketing? Then, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about Google ads marketing, and opportunities in the market.

Online advertising has opened doors in a lot of ways like enhanced customer interaction, the ability to track real-time data, the ability to track results better, etc.  The major advantage is we are able to reach the targeted audience at the right time.

Google ads help us to offer better solutions to our customers. You might be wondering hows it is possible. Here is a complete guide for you.

Overview of Google Ads

The paid advertising platform offered by Google is called Google ads. When a user types a query or keyword, they get the results of their query on a search engine results page (SERP). Those results can include a paid advertisement that targeted that keyword.

The ads will be listed at the top on SERP, and it is a better opportunity to get huge traffic to your website. This doesn’t mean purchasing ads on Google will result you in the top 3. You will have to optimize according to market strategies.

The Benefits of Google Ads for Businesses

In the market, there are a lot of advertising methods and mediums.  You might be confused about which one to choose. A lot of influencers might suggest different mediums, but here are a few key benefits of Google ads for your business.

  • Google has 3.5 billion users, hence you can reach a large audience.
  • Google ads capabilities will allow a range of targeting. When users types in, Google sends relevant ads to users. Hence your chances of being in the top 3 pack will be more.
  • You will advertise to the people who want to be advertised. The intent is the key difference between google ads and other platforms.
  • You will have full control of your campaign all time
  • You will have full control over the budget. You can keep eye on the daily budget, bidding, ROI, etc.
  • The Google ads are in an easily understandable format.
  • The Google ads results are faster than SEO
  • With help of Google ads, you can invite larger traffic and build a good brand for your product and services.
  • Google ads will get more conversions to your business.
  • There are different bidding strategies like CPM bidding, CPC bidding, etc to ensure maximum return on investment.

Understanding Google Ads Job Roles and Responsibilities

Google ads cover an important aspect of digital marketing. There is a huge scope for Google ads jobs and numerous opportunities are open for people interested in it. This is the trending concept in digital marketing.

If you are willing to plan a career in Google ads, here are the various opportunities you come across on your path.

  • Effective and efficient strategies formulation.
  • Creating, Launching, And Managing Various PPC Ad Campaigns
  • Conducts Keyword Research To Make A List Of Keywords(Longtail, Phrase Match, Exact Match) Phrases To Bid On.
  • To get maximum ROI, manage budget, and create effective bidding strategies.
  • Creating effective campaign strategies and managing bids
  • Perform AB Testing By Creating Different Ad Copies With Different Headlines.
  • Building relevant and creative landing pages for Google ads
  • Monitor performance by tracking KPI
  • Create effective strategies to reach the target audience
  • Producing Reports For Ad Management And Insights
  • Checking And Monitoring Existing Ad Campaigns And Making Recommendations On How To Optimize And Update Them.
  • Preparing And Producing Detailed Analysis And Reports Of Ad Campaigns And Presenting Them To The Other Staff.
  • Optimize ad campaigns according to the late trends in the market
  • Analyzing tricks to reduce fraud clicks
  • Creating effective and attractive campaign templates

Building a Career in Google Ads Marketing

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Opportunities in Google Ads Marketing 2

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On LinkedIn, if you search for top trending jobs then you will come across Jobs related to Google ads. Google ads marketing jobs are trending across the globe since 2000. Digital marketing has  major components :




You can build your career in three sectors, here is everything you need to know on building a career in Google ads marketing.

Popular Google Ads Marketing Job Roles and Titles

Google ads specialist

You are responsible for maintaining Google ads campaigns. You have to create, maintain, and update Google ads campaigns, perform keyword research, manage bids and budgets, and curate strategies.

Digital Marketing Executive

Your primary responsibility is to find keywords and analyze web traffic. You would advise content developers on the right keywords to use for content writing and content creation. This role could also include Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which will majorly be designing and deploying Google Ads or Bing Ads on Search and Display networks.

 E-Commerce Marketing Executive

The primary responsibility is designing and deploying Google ads on e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

 Social Media Marketing Executive

The key responsibility is to fetch traffic to your website through content, and ads on various social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Digital Marketing Analyst

You are responsible to track social media pages and web pages to better them.

SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist is responsible to optimize web pages and social media pages to rank high on search engine results. You will work around SEO techniques.

Digital marketing manager

You will be responsible for the digital strategy of the company. You will take care of content, online ads campaign creation, and execution. You will also analyze the performance of ad campaigns using various techniques like A/B testing, etc.

Skills and Qualifications Required for Google Ads Marketing Jobs

We understood the different opportunities available in the industry, and let us understand the skills required to excel in this domain.

Google ads specialist

The key role of a Google ad specialist is to create and maintain ads campaign. You will be asked to take care of keyword research, maintaining bids and budgets, etc.

The skills required are :

  • Background experience in digital marketing
  • Knowledge of marketing automation and search engine marketing
  • Knowledge of Google ads platform
  • Experience with Data analytical tools
  • Content writing, copywriting, and marketing experience
  • A creative, open mindset, and learning mind

Digital Marketing Executive

Digital marketing executives take care of web traffic analysis and keyword planning. The desired skills are:

  • Knowledge of Keyword Research Tools like SEMRush / Ahrefs / Google Keyword Planner / Ubersuggest
  • Google Certifications like Google Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, and App Ads would be advantageous

E-Commerce Marketing Executive

To excel in this role, you need to be aware of e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

 Social Media Marketing Executive

The main responsibility is to drive traffic toward social media pages like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

The key skill required is Technical knowledge of social media platforms.

Digital Marketing Analyst

  • Ability to analyze web pages, traffic, and user activities by using Google Analytics and Social Media specific tracking codes that measure, optimizes, and builds audiences for advertising campaigns and better SEO results.
  • Experience in using Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Facebook pixel, and LinkedIn insight tag.

SEO Specialist

The key skills required are:

  • Good knowledge of coding
  • Html, CSS, Javascript
  • SEO Techniques
  • Google Analytics and Task manager

Digital marketing manager

To handle a managerial role, the desired skills are-

  • At least 2 years experience in digital marketing.
  • Experience in Google ads, social media ads, and content marketing.

Steps to Take to Break into the Google Ads Marketing Field

If you are a beginner in the Google ad marketing field, here is a simple strategy to excel in the field.

Advancement and Career Development in Google Ads Marketing

Internet is everywhere, and the scope of Google ads grows till the internet survives. Digital marketing is now trending across the globe. If you have chosen a career in Google ads, and wondering what is the scope I have, what are opportunities that are in my way, etc. Here is a complete guide for you.

 Growth Opportunities in Google Ads Marketing

If you are starting your career in Google ads marketing, ensure you touch the corners of the domain to survive the competition.

  1. Analytics – includes Metrics, Measurements, Predictions, Personalization, Optimisation, etc.  
  2. Content – marketing with creative content in various formats like Blogs, Infographics, Videos, Posts, Slide Decks, eBooks, Webinars, Widgets, Quizzes, Polls, Articles, Contests, etc.
  3. Platforms – tactfully using Search Engines, Social Media, and E-Commerce platforms

If you develop expertise in any of these sectors, then you can advance in your career quickly. Digital marketing is growing 10 times more than other sectors.

In the next stage, you will be offered the managerial role. The digital marketing manager has to take care of the ad campaign process entirely. Along with it develop soft skills to support your career growth.

After gaining 5 to 6 years of experience in digital marketing managerial experience, you can advance to the next stage like Director or General manager role. You will be leading the digital marketing strategy of the whole company.

Tips for Advancing Your Career in Google Ads Marketing

Digital marketing is a competitive domain, to survive the competition here is a rulebook for you.

  • Focus on enhancing communication

Reaching the audience is a key aspect of Google ads marketing. No matter what new technology comes into the market, human communication skills play a vital role. Hence focus on your communication skills.

  • Specialize and socialize

Opportunities are growing wider so is the competition. Hence focus on enhancing your skillset. Bring expertise in a specific sector. Understand the audience by mingling with them.

  • Build your portfolio

To capture the attention of recruiters, Build an attractive portfolio demonstrating your skillsets and achievements.

Google Ads Marketing Google Ads Marketing Google Ads Marketing Google Ads Marketing

Finding Google Ads Marketing Jobs

Digital marketing is trending since 2000, and with advancements in technology and trends, wider opportunities are coming up in this domain.

This interests you to be a part of this successful domain.

Why delay? Waiting for what?

I understand you are waiting for us to let you know how to crack Google ad marketing jobs, and where to find them. Well, we are here to help you.

Popular Job Boards and Platforms for Google Ads Marketing Jobs

Are you tired of fake spam job calls and offers? Are you tired of roaming offices? Are you fed up writing emails to recruiters and disappointed to see no reply?

Don’t worry, we have curated the best platforms that offer credible Google ads marketing jobs. Have a look at it-

  • LinkedIn:

Linkedin is a professional platform, where 700 million professionals are connected. The platform lists the job, and the person who is hiring and suggests tips to crack the interview.  Along with it you can connect with a senior professional from the domain and understand the current trends.

Advanced filters help you to choose jobs according to your qualifications and needs. The professional groups on the platforms help you to explore and experiment more.

  • Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a large network of professionals. You can check the details of the job. You can find reviews from the employees, and you have a resume builder feature that helps you to customize your resume based on the job.

  • Hey marketers

This platform primarily focuses on marketing roles. Currently, there are 1500 job openings on this platform. You can find various job postings like Google ads specialists, Google ads experts, SEO specialists, Marketing executives, etc.

  • DGMG jobs

This platform includes full-time and part-time jobs across levels of experience. Most companies across the globe list jobs on the platform. You can find various roles like Generations leads, ads specialists, ads strategists, etc.

Strategies for Searching and Applying for Google Ads Marketing Jobs

The biggest challenge while searching for jobs is where to begin, how to start, and figuring out a way to land the right job.

The random job search may not fetch you the desired results, hence have a clear goal when you are looking for jobs, Stop wasting time in applying to random jobs, here is a complete guide on how to strategize a job search-

  • Focus on your objective and share in your network

When you are looking for a job in Google ads, list what position are you exactly looking for and list it in the document. Here are the key elements you need to focus on-

  • List the job titles and companies you are targeting
  • Look for what you are expecting in the role
  • Look for perks and benefits
  • Identify learning opportunities
  • Understand the market and competition
  • Be organized in your job search

To avoid being crazy and burning out yourself, be organized in your job search. Prepare a schedule for your job search. Have a list of job roles, and keep track of openings, qualifications required, and demand for the role.

Create a weekly job search template that includes searching and applying for a job and looking for opportunities in your network. Ask for a referral from a connection you have in a company.

  • Apply for jobs you wish for

Applying to every job you see on the portal is not beneficial. Understand the job description of the role and then apply. Digital marketing is all about trend-setting and you networking on digital platforms to increase the chance of reaching your application to the recruiter.

Look for connections in the company and start messaging them. Be courteous and professional. You can also ask your connections to introduce the right person from marketing.

To get into a marketing role, ensure you market yourself better.

Preparing for Job Interviews in Google Ads Marketing.

Once you applied for a job, start preparing for the interview. Every interviewer and company need not be the same, hence focus on your job description while preparing for the interview.

Google has launched interview warmup, an artificial intelligence tool to help you prepare for your interview.

Here are a few questions asked for Google ads professionals-

Tell me about yourself.

 Why are you interested in a career in marketing?

What is a marketing trend or campaign you liked?

What do you think of our recent marketing campaign?

What are your hobbies and interests?

How can Google Shopping drive more sales and traffic?


Google ads is one of the trending domains for a decade. There are huge opportunities across the globe with an increase in scope. Landing the right job opportunity requires some preparation, and here is a guide to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the expected salary for a Google ads specialist?

The average salary of a Google ads specialist is 5,00,000- 7,00,000 per year.

2. What are the platforms that help to find good Google marketing jobs?

Here are some platforms that list marketing roles-
Hey Marketers
Dynamite Jobs
We Work Remotely (WWR)

3. What are the skills required for a Google ads specialist?

The expected skills are-
Background experience in digital marketing
Knowledge of marketing automation and search engine marketing
Knowledge of Google ads platform
Experience with Data analytical tools
Content writing, copywriting, and marketing experience
A creative, open mindset, and learning mind
What is a Google ad?

4. What is a Google ad?

Google ads are paid platforms that allow you to gain visibility for your business across the platform.

5. How to answer “ Tell me about yourself”?

The questions focus on what experiences you had to prepare for this role.  This is an effective icebreaking question that allows shaping the conversation. Begin with your key skills, and past experiences and mention a few achievements of yours. Be honest and genuine.

6. What are the trending sectors in Google ads marketing?

The trending sectors are Analytics, content, and platform. For a long and successful career, be an expert in any of these sectors.

7. Are Google ads worth it?

The success of Google ads depends on the customer lifecycle, industry, customer experience, etc. If you are able to utilize it better then you can earn a huge amoun

8. How can I calculate Google ad campaign cost?

You can use a simple formula to calculate the cost:
Average daily budget: monthly budget / average number of days per month = average daily budget.

9. Which model does Google ad work?

Google ads work on a pay-per-click system

10. What are the different opportunities I can come across in Google ads marketing?

The different roles are Google ads expert/ specialist, COntent specialist, Video production specialist, Marketing executive, Marketing manager, SEO specialist, Google ads campaign manager, etc.

11. How to research about company?

Before your interview, understanding the company is important. To do so analy
Company vision, goals, culture, and mission
The employees’ learning opportunities
The skillset that is embraced
Current clients and operations location

12. How to understand the Google ads certification process?

Certification is a medium to analyze your expertise in Google ads. When you can add a certification to your resume, it shows that you no not only know how to use Google Ads but that you also took the time and effort to pursue further education on your own. Go explore the courses on search engines and pass an examination to earn certifications.

13. How to choose Google ads certifications?

There is a certification for a different area of Google ads-
Google Ads Search Certification 
Google Shopping Ads Certification 
Google Display Ads Certification 
Google Ads Apps Certification 
Google Ads Video Certification
Google Ads Measurement Certification

14. What take to excel in Google ads roles?

By understanding the following aspects you can excel in Google ads marketing-
How to grow business with Google ads
Understanding the value of Google search
Understanding the auction of Google ads
How to optimize ads
How to deliver the right message with ads

15. What are the sites that post about Google ads?

You can follow the below site to stay updated on Google ads.

Google Ads social media profiles

16. What are the different advertising modules?

CPC (Cost per click): You pay only when users click on ads
CPI (Cost per Impression): you pay based on how many times the ad was shown
Cost per Engagement: you pay when users complete pre-engagement activities like watching videos.

17. How do I become a Google Ads Manager?

To become a Google ads manager, you should carry an experience in online advertising concepts and best practices and should have experience managing different types of Google Ads campaigns.

18. What is the average salary of an SEO Specialist?

The entry-level SEO specialist earns 30000 every month

19. What is the average salary of a Google ads manager?

The national average salary for a Google Ads Manager is ₹7,00,000 in India. 

20. What are the benefits of Google ads?

The main advantage of Google ads is driving traffic to your website. You can increase the visibility of your business

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